Isojiman is born from the harmony between carefully selected sake rice, excellent water (soft water) from the South Alps in Japan, and the brewers. Sake brewing begins with the preparation of raw materials (limited water absorption rice washing). After careful steaming, aromatic rice passes through a complex brewing process, including our original “koji zukuri (koji making)” and the use of traditional yeast (Shizuoka Yeast, isoamyl acetate). And then finally becomes a drop of sake imbued with our heart and soul.
Isojiman has a natural and gentle aroma of white peaches, muskmelons, LaFrance pears, ripe bananas, or passion fruit. It also has mildly acidic, deep flavor. The taste wraps around your food, and rinses it away, and then disappears like light snow. Isojiman complements Japanese Cuisine, French and Italian Cuisine, several varieties of cheese, tomatoes,and desserts.

Each product has its own “ginjo-ka (ginjo sake fragrance)” and taste. We are confident that each satisfies the standards of “Isojiman.” Compatibility with cuisines or foods will vary according to the type of sake. Isojiman Shuzo is located in Shizuoka Prefecture, blessed with a mild climate and abundant nature. It has an excellent food culture in various fields, including mountains, land, and sea. Considering our brewery location in Yaizu, fresh fish is an ideal match.
It is our sincerest desire that all of our products convey the “Isojiman” image when enjoyed by our customers. It is the fusion of tradition and leading technology, and the path from innovation to reality. We are constantly involved in heartfelt sake brewing by “putting forth a little more effort,” in order to provide our customers with even better products. We also carry out low temperature storage management, maintaining the quality of Isojiman until our customers can drink our sake.

Sake is a favored item. Since each person feels differently, we try to limit our comments on each product.
We appreciate your understanding.

Isojiman Shuzo, Brewery owner





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